When the Club started, most of the activities were centered around our local, back then at the Foyer, rue Notre-Dame, downtown Luxembourg. It was mostly introduction courses to computer and programming. Gradually, our activities shifted online, with BBSing first and then internet. However, we retain, still today, part of our activities at the club's premisses, even if they are suspended at the moment, while the Commission is refurbishing the building. They will resume as soon as the works are over.
And since you ask, you'll find here the information to become member.

I. Club

While giving us the space to meet physically, the club is also used for fun computing activities that most people don't do at home :-).

1-Building machine

Building machines is great fun. It allows to learn how a computer works, in a completely safe environment. We usually take "retired" machines and beef them up. The challenge is to use those machines to the best of their capacities. Building your machine is a fantastic opportunity to see how a computer works, and what you can do to boost it to the maximum. You'd be surprised to see what you can do with so called "old" machines !

The challenge is two fold:

  1. Use all the parts to build the most powerful possible machine
  2. Find a suitable operating system for the resulting machine and install it.
Once you have those machines up and running, you'd better use them for something. That's when the second part comes in:



As the name implies, simply connecting all the machines together. The goal is very simple: play Doom in collaborative mode on the club network. Even those of us who never play with computers had to recognize (we've done it already in the past) that it is a great fun. Doom is of course just an exemple. Any collaborative game or endeavor will do!


Once in a while, we still do old fashion type course, but there hasn't been much demand for it in a long time...


II. Online

As explained in the history of the Club, we have been shifting more and more towards online activities. Combined with the difficulty to find a time slot that suits everybody, it has led us very early to dematerialize the club, and do most activities in cyberspace.


Our first dematerialized course experiment was a PHP course by eMail. It went reasonably well, and building on that, we have continued with others (bash scripting, etc). However, we have found since a better way than email. See for example our 5 min Html course.

The next course will most likely be javascript.

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or to
   tresorier dot telematique at cercleculturel dot lu).
Note: courses are for members only.



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