Note: this information is out of date and
provided for historical purposes only;
The club was the last Fidonet node in Luxembourg.


You've just had some info about FidoNet, it sounds great and you would like to join. But, as always, where do you start ? Here seems like a good place :-). Fidonet is divided in zones, and each zone is divided into region. Each region is divided into networks, composed of nodes. The nodes can have sub-system which do not figure in the nodelist.
A region corresponds normally to a country. Luxembourg is Region 27. We have only one net: net 0. A fidonet address in Luxemburg is thus 2:270/xx.yy.
Each region has If you want to join the Luxemburg fidonet network, there is nothing easier (elsewhere, see below).

How ?

You may request a node number straight away, but it is preferable to learn how to manage the software and see how the net works first with a simple point address. It doesn't change anything as far as access is concerned, and the technical requirements are much lighter (not ZMH respect, etc).

CTServe (the BBS of The Club de TeleMatique) provides a ready-to-plug point package to whomever requests a point number.

The following BBSes of Luxembourg were in the fidonet network:
Nodes of net 2:270/*
StatusNodeBBS NameLocationSysOpPhoneFlags
RC25CTServeLuxembourgFrancois Thunus352-2921999600,CM,XA,ZYX,V34
NC25CTServeLuxembourgFrancois Thunus352-2921999600,CM,XA,ZYX,V34
24CTServe IILuxembourgDominique Samson352-4089849600,CM,XA,MO,VFC
25CTServeLuxembourgFrancois Thunus352-2921999600,CM,XA,ZYX,V34

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